Science: Solar System and Scale

While roaming the internet, I came across this neat video about the scale of our solar system.
If you’re like me, you have difficulty fully wrapping your brain around space distances. I understand intellectually that distance between objects in space is huge. But it can hard to visualize just how huge those distances are.
So maybe this video will help you get that picture in your head. It’s been helping me.

Check it out – To Scale: The Solar System

Thoughts: The Around Universe

For those who are curious, the What Goes Around Universe is an alternate universe post-canon fan fic of Magi written by Vathara aka the Crossover Queen. It can be read here or here.

I recently re-read it and my bunnies sometimes like to speculate. Remember, this is just me voicing some random thoughts about the world and the story without hogging her comment sections. Just to get it out of my head and into paper so the bunnies will quiet down about it for a while.

If Vathara finds any of this nonsense useful bunny feed, she is welcome to it. If not, that’s cool too.

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S&F Universe: Fic Nibble

Another tidbit from the Sea and Fire Universe. This one is well after the first one and should give you some idea of what my bunnies think of things like writing in chronological order . . .

Edit: Apparently while adding the cut, I accidentally deleted most of the text.


Ja’far had heard that “may you live in interesting times” was considered a curse in certain parts of the world. In others it was a blessing.

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Sea and Fire Universe Fic bit

NOTE: My bunnies haven’t given me enough for a complete tale, just bits and pieces from various time frames that I’m still working on weaving into stories. But here’s one of those fragments.

“How long do you plan to continue this pointless exercise?”

“Pointless?” Yunan felt genuinely puzzled. “What is pointless about protecting the Dark Continent?”

“Nothing . . . if the Dark Continent was the whole of the world.” Her lips twisted into something that could be mistaken for a smile, provided you ignored that there was nothing happy in it. Or that her eyes were still cold and dead of feeling. “Everything since it is not.”

“Lady Sheba–”

“What? I am merely speaking the truth. It is rather pointless to ensure there is no corruption in the rukh and no Fallen here while allowing our enemies free reign to spread everywhere else. By ignoring them as long as they stay out of your little fiefdom, you are all but giving them all the power they need to destroy this world.”

He wanted to argue but he couldn’t. She was right. He knew she was right. He had been trying and failing to ignore that very fact for decades now.

“This cannot continue Yunan,” Sheba continued, her voice hardened with steely determination. “Solomon gave everything he had to save our people, to see that at least something of our world survived. I will not allow anyone to render his sacrifice worthless.”

There was emotion in her eyes now. Anger and determination in equal measure. “It will not be easy. It will not be fun. But this world is going to be saved.”

The Halloween Scenario

Okay, remember that episode of Buffy where people became their Halloween costumes?

If you do, you are probably also aware of the numerous fan fics that picked up that idea and ran with it. Sometimes keeping within the exact perimeters of the episode and other times playing with it in various ways.

Even if no fic ever comes from it, it is a scenario that is fun to imagine. Especially if you can find ways to ignore or get around pesky details like a show whose characters you would really like to use for the situation are from a show that started after Buffy or at least after it’s Halloween episode. Especially if you can find ways to make the changes permanently and see how that changes things (especially if that allows one to throw a major monkey wrench in the plans of certain people and at least in one universe save some people from their fate . . .).

Being that my brain has been infected by Magi, I was idly musing about the Magi-Buffy Halloween scernio. Now it cannot be Magi characters as an anime / manga series without changing when Buffy took place . . . but al la the Around universe, you could have the Magi characters as legendary figures . . .

So who would go as who?

One: The Scooby Three as the Heroic Trio.

Xander as Alibaba, Willow as Morgiana, and Buffy as Aladdin. Because it is come as you aren’t night and I think Buffy would love the change not to be Hero or the Serious Kicker of Butts – not that Aladdin is a pushover but he’s still a very different type of powerful person than the Slayer and that might appeal to her.

And okay maybe the bunnies are amused by her thinking this Aladdin was rather similar to the Disney character . . .

Not sure who, if anyone, Giles would be in that situation.

Two: The Overpowered Universe

I’m not sure of who to have dress up as whom – and this time we can expand the list to certainly include people like maybe Cordelia and Giles – but each of our main characters dressed as Metal Vessel User . . .including Sinbad

Three: The Return of Sindria

Exactly what it says on the tin – the Scoobies plus a few extras dress up as Sinbad and his Generals. Again, not entirely sure of the line up through the bunnies like Jenny Calendar as Yamraiha . . .

Any thoughts and wild ideas?

And you don’t have to stick to Buffy and Magi, any Halloween scenario will do.