Brainstorming: The Plot Bunnies of Magi

I will warn you all right now. I have a strained relationship with the canon of any series. I can, have, and will continue disregard canon and Word of God, especially if said canon or WoG makes my suspension of disbelief chew through the straps and run off screaming “That makes no sense!”

My bunnies start buzzing about fan fic almost as soon as I first heard anything about Magi. Which is actually via fan fiction – Vathara / crossoverqueen’s “What Goes Around” story to be specific. The buzzing was quiet enough to be ignored in favor of Other Things until Vathara invited her readers to brainstorm about some her Magi-related plot bunnies, including the crazy ones.

As soon as they saw the words, “Merchant Sinbad with bitty Prince Alibaba and King Rashid” – the bunnies turned from buzzing to the full chorus of noises. And they started presenting ideas while smiling. Or rather showing teeth. Very sharp teeth. Many sharp teeth.

I started brainstorming and it has soon become obvious that they will not be satisfied with a short cute kid fic. No, they want a full alternate universe because as fun as Magi is, some things about it really bug them.

Like how many characters and some of the countries have names that are so much “As Long As It Sounds Foreign.”

And they think Al-Thamen has way too many of the cards. Or maybe they are just annoyed that it seems to be following the path of so many other shounen series by having the antagonists be increasingly ludicrous God Sues that require increasingly ludicrous methods of defeat.

They snarl and growl menacingly at the Sinbad is David’s reincarnation thing. So that is NOT HAPPENING IN THIS AU.

And maybe it’s because I got into Magi from Vathara. Or maybe it was something else. Either way, they want crossover potential.

Thoughts or suggestions anyone?


7 thoughts on “Brainstorming: The Plot Bunnies of Magi

  1. I’ve been trying to look up what ancient countries Magi nations are based on – from arms and uniforms Partevia is like Persia, for one – and use those for picking names for OCs. Hopefully it works.

    Plotbunny teeth should be compared to great whites. Or possibly Megalodon.

    I also have a beef with the whole bad guys having so many of the cards schtick. For one thing, if Al-Thamen were really that close to destroying the world in so many places, why hasn’t it happened already? With such a big organization, it seems like they could cause a dozen Anomalies at once, and our heroes would never stop them all. Argh.

    It reminds me of the setup for “The Strain” TV show. Seriously, if you have a vampiric plague that can spread that explosively, and it’s existed for at least a thousand years, and every time the vampire feeds it can infect – then why is anything human still alive? Logic. Fail.


    1. Mine definetly have Megalodon teeth. Most of them. The biggest ones wouldn’t be out of place in a T-rex’s smile.

      Re: All The Cards and Logic Fail.

      Yeah. I know nobody teaches logic anymore but you’d think there’d still be some people with it. Maybe they just don’t write for television and movies.

      Still makes me go “What do they teach in schools these days?”

      Bunnies are trying to find a balance of making Al-Thamen still a very big threat that needs to be taken very seriously but also giving our heroes a fighting chance of actually stopping them and saving the world.


      1. Hmm. I have two tentative thoughts on that?

        1) Yunan supposedly spends more time putting dungeons down than raising them. And Scheherazade has only been looking after the Reim Empire. Meaning Al-Thamen’s gotten the jump on getting people selected to have Djinn, by coopting Judar and twisting the Rens until they actually believe they’re going to save the world this way. Someone needs to kick Yunan in the trousers.

        2) Balbadd is one of Sindria’s major trade partners – Sinbad says in canon, when he’s talking to Abhmad, that the lack of trade with Balbadd is hurting his kingdom. Also, Rashid was Sinbad’s friend. It doesn’t make sense that Sinbad let things get this bad in Balbadd without meddling a long, long time ago.

        Don’t know if those help any. 🙂


      2. Sounds like a plan:
        {1} Find someone willing to apply their foot to Yunan’s behind.

        Even if it is only metaphorical application.

        {2} Basically allow Sinbad to be Sinbad.
        The at times rather arrogant charmer who isn’t afraid to poke his nose into anything he considers his business. And wrecking his friend’s kingdom and wrecking his own with nonsense should count as his business.


      3. Author forgot the character should have been curious? Or simply didn’t realize that relationship made that not-looking a bit of a plot hole?

        But this is AU so there is no reason that Sinbad didn’t indulge his curiosity on the matter.

        Maybe my bunnies are just really attached to the idea of Sinbad as mentor. They think it would be awesome. Explosive. But awesome.


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