S&F Universe: Fic Nibble

Another tidbit from the Sea and Fire Universe. This one is well after the first one and should give you some idea of what my bunnies think of things like writing in chronological order . . .

Edit: Apparently while adding the cut, I accidentally deleted most of the text.


Ja’far had heard that “may you live in interesting times” was considered a curse in certain parts of the world. In others it was a blessing.

If this past year was anything to go by, Sinbad fell firmly in the latter category. The lunatic.

‘And yet I have no desire to leave,’ Ja’far thought. ‘Which probably makes me crazier than he is.’

People didn’t understand why he stayed. They didn’t understand that as dangerous and sometimes aggravating as things had been, he wouldn’t trade it for the world. Because they didn’t understand what his old life had been like. What Sinbad had done for him.

He had saved him. Risked his life to save a total stranger who had tried repeatedly to kill him. He had taken him with him, didn’t treat him like an idiot because he was younger like so many people they had met did, and a million other things that was just Sinbad being Sinbad.

Sinbad was crazy and reckless and a womanizer . . . and the best thing to ever happen to him. If following Sinbad was crazy, Ja’far didn’t want to be sane.


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