Thoughts: The Around Universe

For those who are curious, the What Goes Around Universe is an alternate universe post-canon fan fic of Magi written by Vathara aka the Crossover Queen. It can be read here or here.

I recently re-read it and my bunnies sometimes like to speculate. Remember, this is just me voicing some random thoughts about the world and the story without hogging her comment sections. Just to get it out of my head and into paper so the bunnies will quiet down about it for a while.

If Vathara finds any of this nonsense useful bunny feed, she is welcome to it. If not, that’s cool too.

Legends, Adaptations, and Fan Fiction

In that world, many of the events of The Adventures of Sinbad and Magi along any adventures our heroes might have had on Earth after they arrived became stories that survived as legends. And being full of monsters, magic, and darring-do, it is unsurprising that many of these stories have been adapted or inspired creative works.

I bet there is Sinbad of the Seven Seas and The Fire Prince have been done in every medium known to man: novel, film (live action and animated), television, manga, other comic books, paintings, music, musicals, radio plays, stage plays, etc, of varying degrees of quality and/or accuracy.

To be fair to the creators of those works, both legends have been around for a long time. More than long enough for stories or elements of them to get lost, get distorted, or for people to just plain make up new ones. Plus there is always the wrinkle that what works in one medium doesn’t always work in another.

Now, the fact that Simon Cavins worked in front of the camera as well as behind it probably didn’t surprise Ja’far one whit. I don’t think the fact that he so often plays Sinbad of the Seven Seas surprised Ja’far either. I think it amused him a great deal, considering (broadly and technically speaking) Simon is Sinbad.

My bunnies think that some directors refuse to cast anyone else as Sinbad, saying “It’s like he was born to be Sinbad.” They also imagine that Ja’far barely stopped himself from laughing out loud the first time he heard that. If only they knew.

Simon, himself, probably wondered why stuff like that always amused Ja’far so much. Because he might not have laughed out loud but there was definite twinkle in his eyes. And sometimes the tips of his ears went pink. Just what was so funny?

It is known fact of that world, as referenced in Chapter 6, that there is fan fiction. There is both Sinbad fan fic AND Simon Cavins RPF.

Now Vathara said she is terrified of later fandom and even her bunnies are too sane to do more than skim the surface. Can’t say that I blame her for that. Because every fandom has those fics. You know the ones. The ones that even reading the summery is often enough to make you reach for the brain bleach going “Why?!”

My bunnies are likewise scared of the RPF fandom, through they admit they found the idea that some types of it cause people’s computers to melt – the Simon Cavins RPF curse – very funny.

But they had some thoughts about Sinbad fic and to a lesser degree, the Fire Prince, fic. One thing the bunnies are sure about, given that there is a large male cast that there is a lot of slash fic. Like a lot. And probably a lot of shipping.

It also won’t surprise me if some of all of this fic was written by Hancock students. Some of them hope nobody figures out they were the ones to write it. Because while Sinbad/Ja’far and/or Simon/Ja’far is their OTP, vice-principal Ja’far is scary.

Speaking of the students . . .

Hancock Students

My bunnies are that there is much speculation and rumor amongst the student body about their principal, vice-principal, and some of the others associated with the school.

Some of it is pretty wild.

Like how certain teachers can read minds. Or they are like Santa Claus. Because they know when you’ve been naughty.

Or that Ja’far is totally a ninja. Or a ghost. Or both. Something that can walk silently through walls and always just appears right behind you . . .

Won’t surprise me if some of the kids think that Tiburon is some kind of 00.

And it has only gotten worse since the Dungeon appeared in the tennis court.

Household Vessels

Right now, Simon only has Ba’al. Now granted, he has also Ja’far, Malachey (Masrur), and Drakon all with him and their Household Vessels were familiar spirits from Ba’al.

But Sharrkan’s was from Focalor, Hinahoho from Valefor, and Pisti from Zepar.

Now regaining Focalor and Valefor isn’t too much of a problem but everyone agrees that Zepar is tempting fate. Unfortunately, the universe likes to mess with our heroes.

Plus there is the thing that Djinn who had Kings might not want someone completely new for their king. Now some of them probably do (*cough* Belial *cough*) but at least some of them probably won’t unless the reincarnation is utterly unacceptable.

The Generals

At current count, we have four Generals accounted for and four still be found.

Yam is probably coming soonish. There are notes and hints about a SF&F convention and Tiburon literally carrying Yamraiha’s reincarnation off.

There are some ideas that Vathara has mentioned in the blog about Hinahoho and Pisti.

Not much about Spartos. But at the time of writing ‘Around’, we hadn’t learned much about Spartos. Which makes it hard to figure out how his life is going in this modern world. While it might be interesting if he was a crossover catalyst by being involved with Project Bluebook in some capacity, this might cause head-butting over who exactly gets to keep him. OTOH, you need conflict . . .

Also according to wikipedia, Spartos’s brother Mistoras Leoxses was originally one of Sinbad’s followers, complete with Household Vessel. He was killed when when Parthevia invaded and destroyed the original Kingdom of Sindria,but his reincarnation just might be running around Earth. Something to think about.

Might be Nine Generals now instead of Eight. Of course, I doubt that Ja’far wants to turn down more Simon wranglers . . .


This universe is tentatively set in the SG-1 universe. Vathara’s bunnies are certain that when and if the SG-1 team meets the Hancock crew, they are going to have no idea that there is anything peculiar about them or the school. Beyond the factor that it’s a private performing acts school run by an actor with a rather colorful collection of teachers.

They will learn otherwise. Because there are too many trouble / weirdness magnets between the three groups for there not to be trouble at some point.

Bunnies speculate the ruhk will all but paint any Jaffa or any other Gao’uld hosting person with a neon sign. Probably with a ‘warning! danger, threat’ label. Because while the gang did not come to Earth until after the System Lords got kicked off the planet, the Earth’s rukh and its spirits would remember. And not positively.

One speculates that the Gao’uld probably killed magicians. Magicians weren’t very powerful but any power in the hands of a slave was probably too much power. Especially if someone infested with a Gao’uld was pretty dang oblivious to those who could see the rukh. They also probably didn’t feel right to those who weren’t magicians but who are sensitive to the rukh.

The bunnies note that Yunan and Aladdin are accounted for, Titus according to the hints dropped is going to be involved in something involving an Air Force Base and Dungeons, leaves us with Jubal as the most likely candidate for an off-world born magi. Since he’s a certified trouble maker, this should be interesting.

Okay, I think I have babbled on about this for long enough. Thanks for listening.


12 thoughts on “Thoughts: The Around Universe

  1. For your amusement, my bunnies on how SG-1 finally finds out there’s something weird at Hancock involves a spaceship crash. A very, very flashy crash… that somehow avoids damaging one particular arc of what should have been a city-flattening blast.

    As in, the Biliskiner hits the Gulf instead, and it takes some very fast magic to keep their hometown from being seared off the map!

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    1. Well, that’s one way to get their attention. 😉

      You can see the local authorities going, you guys asked to see anything weird. Well, this is weird. Very, very weird.

      Our heroes at Hancock will probably figure out that someone is going ask questions about that at some point and practiced their best clueless looks.

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    2. “Yes! We saved the city!”
      “We did. Good job, everyone. We’ll get our story straight tomorrow.”
      “Story straight?”
      “This town is only thing not destroyed. Someone is going to get curious. And ask questions. We better have some good answers and even better acting when they start asking them.”
      “Good point.”


      They seemed sincere. Genuinely as puzzled as everyone else about why their city had been spared. But, as Jack reminded them, Cavins was an actor. Tiburon worked with Special Forces. The rest of that bunch either taught or learned at a performing arts school.

      If anyone could pull off looking and sounding utterly clueless when they knew something . . .

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      1. If you want a few details on how they can look so clueless… the major damage of something like a big meteorite (ship) coming down would be heat-pulse and shockwave.

        And what do we all know Djinn can do? Absorb magoi of their element.

        Granted, bunnies think it’s going to take Aladdin, Yam, and a pair of Household Vessel users to properly channel the mess as well. But most of that blast is going to go… fzzzzt.

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      2. *nods thoughtfully*

        Still, someone is going to get curious about why it fzzzted.

        Because it shouldn’t have.

        Everything they have and everything they were told about the ship tells them there is should have been a kaboom. An earth-shaking kaboom. This looks more like a window-breaking ka-pow. And it’s driving the physicists crazy.

        Our heroes are probably equally curious about just what exactly was that. Especially when people show up asking questions. Because these people are acting awfully twitchy for a few questions surrounding a completely natural event. Especially our friendly neighborhood Fanalis say that one guy doesn’t smell human. They don’t know what he is. Just that it isn’t human. The others with him smell human. For the most part.

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      3. *grins*

        Well, that should be interesting.

        Okay so if she is a certain type of ambassador, maybe the bunnies just want to see the look on the Tok’ra faces when they realize they are dealing magic. Actual magic. They are probably going to spend half their screen time trying to prove that isn’t magic because that would be silly, it’s got to be alien tech (which it sort of is). And the rest of their screen time trying to get their hands on this tech because it would be very useful against the System Lords plus it is obviously something far too advanced for the primitive little humans to be handling and we better get it away from them before they hurt themselves.

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  2. I… know I may be misrembering, but I thought it wasn’t just that Around shared a ‘Verse with Stargate, but that Around shared a ‘Verse /specifically/ with River of Stars.

    Meaning a meeting with SG-1 is post their current mess on Shangri-la.

    While not a lot of active knowedge for the Tok’Ra is coming out of this mess, Selmak at least is getting some very need-to-know-(as-in-‘we-needed-to-know-that!’) information from Thor.

    With all the crazy stuff going on on Shangri-la and said crazy’s origin: once rumours of a ‘Dungeon’/Tower that mysteriously appeared then vanished and a Dragon come to Tok’Ra attention… Isn’t there actually a pretty good chance that the Tok’Ra are gonna assume ‘Ooh, another hidden Furling lab with potential genetic research samples. Some of the locals must have been exposed/samples must have escaped. Give ’em here, and those locals you need to make vanish will make perfectly acceptable hosts.’

    … Actually, they may be scrambling to come up with another possibility for what they can claim it could be so that the Tok’Ra’s allies at SGC don’t hand any specimens off to Kanzeon instead since Shangri-la and SGC have their own treaty/alliance which may or may not include just that. (Of course, when samples are people SGC /definitely/ doesn’t like to just ‘hand’ anybody over, but try getting /that/ concept through the Tok’Ra’s heads first.)

    As for commenting on the post instead of the comments on the post: I think that – since our heroes dimension hopped /after/ the Goa’uld swanned the heck off of Earth – the Goa’uld probably don’t know jack about magicians in a Magi sense. After all, in Magi magicians were actually pretty rare, and with the Rukh of the new reality being both a little bit different (I think both Aladdin and Jafar describe it as Silver instead of Gold) and possibly thinner (some of the lower mana was due to Aladdin meditating/hibernating in the Room of Fortitude [or was it Solitude? I forget honestly] and altering how the Great Flow of the Rukh worked, but who knows how much of a difference there was even before that) who knows if there even were magicians in the population? Or if there were magicians if there were even enough of them that the Goa’uld – if they even encountered any – actually knew what magicians were as opposed to just: ‘Agh, random psychic human who escaped someone’s lab or is an Ancient throwback’.

    Frankly, unless the Goa’uld have /really/ been paying attention I doubt that the wider Goa’uld civilization even know the Rukh exist. I don’t get the impression there are a lot of Goa’uld researchers. Torturers who /refer/ to themselves as researchers – because when their cruelty gets them new knowledge they aren’t averse to putting it to use – sure. Probably at least a few of those amongst the Goa’uld, but most we see on screen seem more interested in their conquests/wars than SCIENCE!™.

    …Kanzeon might know something about the Great Flow tho’. She seems like the type, plus her Furling research is already in the right direction.


    1. I don’t remember if Vathara has firmly jossed that possibility – that it is also the River of Stars universe – yet. My bunnies are hoping that they share a universe. Because it just adds so much potential. Potential for chaos. And potential for mass confusion on the part of the characters as they try to figure out this jig-saw. But potential.

      OTOH, I’m very certain that having Kanzeon and Simon interacting would be good for Ja’far’s ucler. Through he will certainly appreciate Sanzo’s desire to shot said Merciful Goddess on a regular basis . . . through he prefers to use knives for his personal annoyance.

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      1. Who else thinks Kanzeon could reasonably apply for ‘King’ status? With the Sanzo-Ikkou as her Household?

        *Raises hand*

        Of course, I remember CrossoverCreativeChaos mentioning in the comments somewhere in the Around or River snippets she was posting to her blog that she was thinking the ATA gene and manipulation of the Rukh – at least how Magi-type Magicians and Magoi-users do it – were mutually incompatible. Between Kanzeon the Goa’uld probably still having many of the same modifications that she’s trying to /remove/ from her own children and being in a Kami host body at this point – which Kanzeon did mention have a smattering of Ancient DNA – actually being able to wield Metal Vessal and Household Vessals may be… difficult. At best.

        Though, if Simon weren’t almost assuredly going to get Zepar back and CrossoverCreativeChaos didn’t already have /plans/ for Belial and Alan, I’d think both Belial and Zepar would be /great/ fits for Kanzeon Bossatsu.


  3. Here’s the start of the Bleach/Nura idea – it’s currently over 5 pages of notes in 10-point….

    Youkai-Henge (or Two Birds, one Scarf)
    “Ayakashi scarf” allows taking one physical and one power aspect of the youkai on it; for example, Nekomata ears with their onibi.
    Some months to a year after the big throw-down with Aizen; Ichigo’s had several months without powers and knowing the rest of people he knows are still interacting with the shinigami without him.
    Not sure of where – Karakura, or maybe taking a brief bus trip that ends up near Ukiyoe Town, but somehow he encounters Zen in trouble. Bunnies propose either with a low-grade youkai who got lucky, or with a Hollow. Leaning toward youkai, a Hollow might get shinigami involved too quickly.
    Helps Zen out, but injured himself; Zen seems impressed the guy didn’t freak out or use more than needed force, brings him back to the mansion to treat his wounds.
    While there, Ichigo ends up talking to Rikuo, who starts by saying there wasn’t anything strange going on….
    Ichigo: “I may not be able to see monsters anymore, but I know when people are staring at me. C’mon out.” At which point I suspect he’s swarmed by curious little youkai, while the powerful ones are giving him “hurt them and die” looks.
    Zen is, of course, trying to cover how badly he really feels, but does end up coughing. Ichigo starts out saying he should come to the Kurosaki clinic – “No, bad idea, my dad doesn’t want me showing up with supernatural stuff anymore. You’d better go to Ryuuken Ishida instead. He’s cold and cranky but he is a good doctor. Or maybe Urahara… though that’s kind of iffy and I wouldn’t go see him alone. He gets curious.”
    After some prodding from Rikuo, Zen does go; Ryuuken, after some surprise, is able to poke his energy and help, figuring out ways to reduce the concentration of poison in Zen’s system. Zen’s not in favor of this, because that’s his weapon to defend the Parade! Rikuo: “I don’t need your poison! I need you!”
    So they try it, and it works. Zen’s probably never going to be a fighting youkai, but they’re a little less worried that he’ll keel over dead soon. And if this continues to work, he’s managed to win more time for anyone born in his clan.
    Zen: “Damn it, we owe Ichigo one. What can we do?”
    Rikuo (looking very serious): “I know what I’d want, if I had little sisters and I knew real monsters were out there.”
    Zen: “One protector. Right.” Beat. “You know, I had an idea for you, once. But the Commander always said you’d grow into your own power, so… I never really finished it.” Brings out unfinished scarf, with various youkai images woven in.
    Rikuo: “Yuki-onna, Kubinashi, Aotabo, Nekomata… these are all types of youkai in my Parade!” Pause. “But why aren’t you here?”
    “Eh, poison birds aren’t that-”
    Rikuo: Bonks him on head. “Karakasa-obake is on here, and you’re not? Fix that!” Beat. “Um… what is this supposed to do, anyway?”
    Cut to explanation to Ichigo….

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