Plot Bunny: Log Horizon / Rurouni Kenshin

As I mentioned over on Vathara’s blog, my bunnies liked the idea of doing a crossover between Log Horizon and Rurouni Kenshin. Now they have a lot of ideas and sometimes they lost interest in them quickly but what the heck, let’s brainstorm!

Now the RK characters are modern reincarnations of our beloved heroes (and possibly the villains just to make things messy) who start off with no memory of their past lives. Until the Apocalypse that is . . .

Now the bunnies are debating about making their past lives on Earth or combining this into their other idea about Log Horizon if the characters weren’t trapped in a game but had been spirited away to another world – the game had used to built up enough umph to bring as many of the Adventurers as it could to Seldesha – and thus give the RK (and the Log Horizon characters for that matter) a past life on Seldesha some time in its past. And some of the World Fraction stuff is why their souls were reborn on Earth rather than their home world.

Now for character classes, now Kenshin is obviously going to be Assassin. Megumi is a Cleric. Probably Dr. Gensai too (which allows us to have Ayame and Suzume there for +3 cuteness). Yahiko is definitely going to play Samurai. Sano might be Monk since they do bare-handed fighting.

Any suggestions for character classes? Because for some of them, it’s split between Assassin, Swash-Buckler, Guardian, and Samurai.

And these groups are going need to support players . . . through maybe that’s why they ally themselves with Log Horizon and the Crescent Moon Alliance. Still . . . Tsubame is probably going to be Healer or Mage class.

As for Race, the Shinsengumi are going be Wolf Fang.

Megumi might be a Fox Tail.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and ideas are welcome. 🙂


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