Trope Talk: This Is Gonna Suck

Sometimes it seems like Murphy likes to add insult to injury.

Like there wasn’t already enough going wrong, why did Murphy have to do X?

For example, it sucks enough when you are ill. Your day sucks already if you have been spending it coughing, sneezing, or throwing up or something worse. The last thing you or your heroes would want or need is for the monsters to show up at the house intent on messy destruction.

And knowing Murphy, that is exactly when they would show up too.

On the plus side, maybe you can throw up on the fastidious and pretentious bad guy who likes to act like he’s suave or something when he’s just plain evil . . .

Another example, the weather. Sure, sometimes the weather will cooperate with your heroes in being a pleasantly warm day with a good breeze and your only complaint will be this too nice of weather to waste on bad guys butt kicking when you could be enjoying it . . .

But more than likely, our heroes will be facing some other kind of weather day. Like it is blisteringly hot. Or body-melting humid. Or both of those things at once. Or it could be freezing cold – no snow but the air is cold enough to take your breath away.

And speaking of snow, maybe Murphy will decide to let it snow all over your heroes trying to save the world. Snow falling is pretty to look at but must be heck to try to fight it being cold, wet, and possibly being both warm enough to melt the snow but cold enough to freeze said melted snow into ice to make everything super slick. And that’s just regular snowing. Try to imagine a blizzard. Through hopefully even monsters are sensible enough to realize that fighting in a blizzard is really dumb for all parties involved.

And there is rain storms, couple with thunder and lightning. We’ve been having storms here lately where the lightning struck close to the house that I could feel the floor vibrate a little.

Tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flooding . . . . all would make saving the day extra hard. Especially since may of those create save-the-day situations all by themselves with no need for monsters trying to eat everyone in sight.

Of course, with every cloud, a silver lining. The bad weather might be just as bad for your bad guys to try and fight in as well it is for your heroes. Or it work to one of your allies’ advantage – like good luck fighting Simon Cavins during one of Florida’s thunderstorms when he has all that mojo from the lightning already present for Ba’al.



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