The Halloween Scenario

Okay, remember that episode of Buffy where people became their Halloween costumes?

If you do, you are probably also aware of the numerous fan fics that picked up that idea and ran with it. Sometimes keeping within the exact perimeters of the episode and other times playing with it in various ways.

Even if no fic ever comes from it, it is a scenario that is fun to imagine. Especially if you can find ways to ignore or get around pesky details like a show whose characters you would really like to use for the situation are from a show that started after Buffy or at least after it’s Halloween episode. Especially if you can find ways to make the changes permanently and see how that changes things (especially if that allows one to throw a major monkey wrench in the plans of certain people and at least in one universe save some people from their fate . . .).

Being that my brain has been infected by Magi, I was idly musing about the Magi-Buffy Halloween scernio. Now it cannot be Magi characters as an anime / manga series without changing when Buffy took place . . . but al la the Around universe, you could have the Magi characters as legendary figures . . .

So who would go as who?

One: The Scooby Three as the Heroic Trio.

Xander as Alibaba, Willow as Morgiana, and Buffy as Aladdin. Because it is come as you aren’t night and I think Buffy would love the change not to be Hero or the Serious Kicker of Butts – not that Aladdin is a pushover but he’s still a very different type of powerful person than the Slayer and that might appeal to her.

And okay maybe the bunnies are amused by her thinking this Aladdin was rather similar to the Disney character . . .

Not sure who, if anyone, Giles would be in that situation.

Two: The Overpowered Universe

I’m not sure of who to have dress up as whom – and this time we can expand the list to certainly include people like maybe Cordelia and Giles – but each of our main characters dressed as Metal Vessel User . . .including Sinbad

Three: The Return of Sindria

Exactly what it says on the tin – the Scoobies plus a few extras dress up as Sinbad and his Generals. Again, not entirely sure of the line up through the bunnies like Jenny Calendar as Yamraiha . . .

Any thoughts and wild ideas?

And you don’t have to stick to Buffy and Magi, any Halloween scenario will do.


27 thoughts on “The Halloween Scenario

  1. Scenario one: Giles as Ja’far? Again, if they thought it was the Disney Aladdin version, that would be amusing….

    Scenario two: For the love of all that’s holy, please say Snyder didn’t dress up as a Metal Vessel User. The carnage….

    Scenario three: If Jenny goes as Yamraiha, we should find a reason for Giles to go as Sharrkan. (Snyder demanding obeisance would count, given Giles would certainly go as a wild Egyptian style warrior just to spite him.)

    Also, once people remember their real selves, Xander should be utterly terrified of the G-man’s new slicey-dicey.

    …Huh. Considering the cast of characters we have available, a gender-flipped group of Generals and Sinbad might be appropriate. Cordelia as Masrur, Xander as Pisti, Willow as Ja’far? Not sure on Buffy… though it might be interesting if Joyce were Sinbad….


    1. Scenario One:
      I like Giles as Ja’far . . . especially if the kids think he is doing the Disney character and he was aiming for the mythical, but possibly real, person featured in one of his various and sundry books . . .

      Scenario Two:
      For the love of all that’s holy, please say Snyder didn’t dress up as a Metal Vessel User.

      Of course not. Who do you take me for? 🙂

      The aim is for Snyder to experience at least a tenth of the pain and misery he has inflicted on other people. And having several Metal Vessel Users, particularly as students or members of staff, would certainly do that.

      And a Hellmouth and the various stuff is definitely a King-level problem. Several kings in fact . . .

      Scenario Three:
      This was one has a lot potential.
      I love G-man as Sharrkan . . .
      Joyce as Sinbad would be interesting . . .

      Gender-swapped generals is very fun . . . and the bunnies are amused by the idea of Sunnydale effectively going from Hellmouth to Sindria 2.0 . . .

      Hmmm . . . what if one combined Scenario One and Three . . . because whoever is stuck as Sinbad and Ja’far must deal with the fact that Sinbad is always going to be Ja’far’s problem . . .


      1. Joyce as Sinbad and Giles as Ja’far would be kind of cool. 🙂 “We’re taking the school down!”

        Kids watch Joyce unleash Baal’s lightning strike on Sunnydale High. Applaud.

        In which case maybe Buffy could be Sharrkan? Is a thought….


      2. Joyce-Sinbad and Giles-Ja’far for the win!

        The Mayor won’t know what hit him either . . . or the Watcher’s Council. *smirk*

        Buffy would be an excellent Sharrkan . . . and the vampires will fear her new slicey-dicey skills . . .

        Hmmm . . . would be Yam then, given Sharrkan and Yam’s UST . . . not saying the Scoobies would have to follow the formula exactly but it would add a layer of awkward.


      3. I would think having Sinbad of the Seven Seas would do that anyway.

        And how would you get him into the costume in the first place . . .

        Not to mention how Angel would react to this mess . . . is he himself or another potential vampire caught in the mess . . .

        Of course, we might need Giles to be able to hold his own in his head against Ja’far so he can figure out there is a spell involved . . . through Ba’al might notice that himself . . .

        Who is Willow now? Of male characters we have Hinahoho, Drakon, and Spartos . . .


      4. Aye verily . . . of course, this would necessitate taking over the school and breaking the Masquerade because I don’t think any of them have enough illusionary magic (well Yam maybe but she has limits) to hide that little change . . . or the fact that her hair would be blue. Or Joyce’s is purple. Giles white, Buffy really pale blonde, Xander blonde (and he has wings now), and Cordelia red.
        Not to mention whoever wound up as Drakon would be green hair minimum and very dragon maximum – but unless he was picked by someone with mad cosplay skills to do prosthetic and all the green makeup – they probably went with the much easier green wig. Yam would have that aqua colored hair. Spartos would probably be one of the most normal looking . . .
        But having Buffy as Sharrkan, Willow as Hinahoho, and Cordelia as Masrur, we maintain the status quo of the ladies being very serious butt-kickers.

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      5. Doesn’t it?
        Xander: “They can all kick my butt and . . . . it’s awesome!”
        (I think that fact that Pisti can fly* makes up for a lot in Xander’s mind)

        *If I’m remembering correctly.

        As for how they picked which person to dress up as – my bunnies say they didn’t. They had a theme and drew names out of a hat.


      6. Darn . . . that’s disappointing. Unless to simulate said giant bird Xander has a bird plushie . . . it was small so he said it was a baby one of those birds . . . .

        Hmmm . . . the bunnies like Drakon for Jenny because of the resonance between duty and morality they share.


      7. Bird-whistle works – it can be on a chain or something so he doesn’t have to worry about losing it somewhere . . . or dealing with annoying questions about why he is carrying around a toy bird . . . plus it perhaps allows the bird to be full-sized . . .*grins*


  2. Ooohhhh! Oz is Drakon. Because werewolf. And the colored hair got me.

    So, set up as I envision from the conversation:
    Giles=Ja’far or Sharrkan
    Oz=Drakon or Spartos
    Jenny=Ja’far or Yam or Drakon
    Buffy=Sharrkan or Spartos
    Dawn=Drakon or Spartos

    This is dependent on pre/post Dawn. Could be that the last General just wasn’t represented until made retroactively so by Dawn’s insertion into the timeline. And part of the Drakon thing was because green. Throw in the Key, the potential for dragon shenanigans is climbing.
    Spartos, much as we don’t know much about him, could fit Oz as the silent type.


    1. Current Version 3 Line-Up
      1: Joyce=Sinbad
      2: Giles=Ja’far
      3: Buffy=Sharrkan
      4: Cordelia=Masrur
      5: Xander=Pisti
      6: Jenny= Drakon
      7: Willow=Hinahoho
      8: Oz= Spartos or Yamraiha
      9: Dawn = Spartos or Yamraiha

      Making Dawn Spartos retroactively is tempting simply because he has so little characterization, it’s hard to pin down who of the Buffy would resonate the most strongly with him and/or would be the most ironic . . .

      Through my bunnies do like the image from one of the alternate line-ups with Giles as Sharrkan and Jenny as Yam.


      1. Point.

        Or more than than two. 🙂

        Might be interesting for a series of one-shots exploring the different scenarios that could result from the Scoobies and Associates dressing as the Magi characters.

        Which would please the bunnies who want to explore the other possibilities . . . like the one who is grinning at the image of Willow dressed as Kouha . . . it’s a scary image.

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      2. Well of course :). Because someone has to stand there smiling while Willow demonstrates what her big black sword can do . . . it probably will not take long for the things that go bump in the night to fear her . . .

        Speaking of awesome carnage . . . doesn’t Zagan do stuff with plants . . . like wood . . . might be useful for against vampires . . .

        Also since Buffy was aiming for the pretty princess/noble lady thing originally, my bunnies note that there are plenty of those in Magi (just not Arba. Because no. Just no.)


      3. It would get rather interesting . . . and I think even Buffy would arch her eyebrows at the full equip if only for the certain knowledge that her mother ever sees her like that she will have a heart attack . . .


      4. Quite.

        On the other hand, sometimes teenagers love to poke at their parents outrage . . . and some of that poking from Buffy might be steming from the whole “you locked into a mental hospital” – through to be fair to Joyce, if you don’t know the monsters are real it does sound crazy. Through I’m sure Buffy would have proved at least some of her story. Slayers are stronger than pure humans. And I’m sure it wouldn’t taken long for vampires and such to start sniffing around . . . and I’m kinda of surprised the Watcher’s Council left her in the mental hospital. It’s not as if they have respect for the parental rights of the parents of Slayers and potentials . . . Suppose it could have been another of their mind game set-ups . . .


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